About Ergoworks: Ergonomic Expertise

The goals of ergonomics are to decrease risk of injuries and illnesses (especially those related to the musculoskeletal system), to improve worker performance, to decrease worker discomfort and to improve the quality of work life.


Recognized experts in applying ergonomic principles to the office environment

Ergoworks is the only furniture dealer with a Certified Occupational Therapist on staff. We have over 17 years of experience in improving the quality of work life through our assessment process.


Flexible service structure

Our service model is adaptable to meet your specific needs. From one-to-one individual assessments, educational seminars designed for your environment, to orientation training as you on-board new employees, our services are designed to reflect the diverse industry conditions our customers operate within.


Proof Positive

We maintain an extensive database of assessments conducted and benefits achieved. We do not stop at the assessment stage. Our service model includes a post assessment follow-up to ensure our recommendations have been effective. Of the thousands of clients assessed, we have achieved a 98 % success rate in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of pain caused by improper set-up, improper use, or inappropriate equipment in the office environment.